Discover The Little Known Secret Used By One Scrawny 95 Pound Kid To
Transform His Body Into A 160 Pound Ripped Fitness Model!

"I Was The Skinny Guy That Got Pushed Around In High School. Now Those Same Bullies Follow ME For Advice On Getting Jacked."
"I Was The Skinny Guy That Got Pushed Around In High School. Now Those Same Bullies Follow ME For Advice On Getting Jacked."
Imagine your body Morphing Into a Greek God...
Imagine This...

Your sleeves ripping size to your arms, wide v taper lats, slabs of thickness in your chest and big, round 3D boulder shoulders.

Not to mention rock hard abs that pop and a statuesque physique that turns heads and drops jaws in admiration.

Sound too good to be true?

You might think a little differently after reading my story...

my name is Will Tseng

I’m the ‘scrawny kid’ mentioned at the start of this letter. I’m now an Instagram fitness influencer with over 100,000 followers, as well as being a competitive fitness model on both the state and national circuit.

I’m not saying that to impress you, of course- my goal here is to inspire you and demonstrate how it’s possible for anyone to make a similar transition, especially if you struggle to develop any kind of muscle mass.

However, I’ll get to that part in just a minute…

First, let me give you an insight in to how bad things got for me…

My burning desire stopped at nothing to achieve my goals...

I was 16 years old

A time when you’re trying desperately to establish your place socially, even though it’s most likely to be determined by your physical stature.

To put it mildly – mine wasn’t great.

My frame was frail and lanky… my chest was completely flat and lacking any definition whatsoever.. my arms were like toothpicks, and to top it all off – I had a pot belly too.

A hungry looking 95 pounds of mostly bone and barely a shred of muscle.

“I was completely depressed
and felt like a total reject.”

When high school kids spot a weakness...

They pounce on it like a pack of wolves – meaning I was targeted by the bullies there and also pushed around by bigger guys in college.

In one confrontation, a bully held me by the arms and beat into my rib cage just to humiliate me in front of my entire class.

With everyone laughing at how pathetic he’d made me look, I ended up crying through class that day, but didn’t get sympathy from anyone..

But this was just one incident among many.

Heck, even my close friends referred to me as ‘the scrawny guy’ or just plain ol’ ‘lanky’!

They didn’t mean anything by it of course – we all called each other out by how we were different – but on top of everything else, it left me feeling crushed inside.

“The kind of shape I was in meant
that I wasn’t taken seriously
by the ladies either.”

I was rejected...

I went on a few dates in the hopes I would get a girlfriend, but they all rejected me because I was too skinny.

They weren’t all that savage, however, some would just ghost me completely – the worst rejection I can remember hearing was from a girl who I really liked, laughing in my face as she told me that I was skinnier than her female best friend…

I felt both heartbroken and humiliated, as well as many other emotions all associated with getting a sucker punch to the liver.

That was perhaps the single most soul-destroying thing that anyone had ever said to me, but I used it as the fire I needed to spur me on and prove everybody wrong…

So, How did this scrawny 16 year old kid
build an ultra ripped body and become a fitness model and instagram influencer?

you probably think that life has just dealt you a bad hand!

You feel stuck with the body you find yourself in and think you’ll just have to deal with it…

It’s all down to the genetics, right?

Although I had these thoughts at the back of my mind… I didn’t want to just roll over and accept it – I simply refused to see myself as the victim.

Truth is, I knew I was destined for more than being the joke in high school social circles and wherever that would lead in later life…

I hated being the guy girls never noticed. I was sick of getting bullied in school and college. I was frustrated not having complete confidence in my own body.

In my head, I was a determined, capable powerhouse.. yet there was a definite mismatch when it came to my appearance.

As well as struggling to make it among the more popular kids at school, I also had my issues in day to life – especially when it came to my wardrobe choice….

“I longed to have the confidence to take off my t-shirt in public at the beach.”

Yet the truth was, I didn’t even have the confidence to wear one at all...

My arms were way too small for the sleeves, meaning I would have to buy sizes down to avoid looking like I was wearing something resembling a plastic bag.

I wore baggy hoodies to appear bulkier while also feeling bigger and stronger…

I would touch my arms nervously in public every few minutes, hoping they’d grown just a little… or, at the very least, enough to stop people laughing at them.

Having all this to deal with meant merely setting foot in public left me feeling broken, depressed and anxious…

The worst was when I was alone…

“the stress of looking in the mirror, trying to find an angle to give me at least some hope, haunted me daily.”

Things had to change!

I just didn’t know what I needed to do.

In fact, all I knew at this point was that I didn’t want to ‘the skinny guy’ any longer.

Here’s where it gets interesting though- in the same way that you’ve stumbled across this letter because you’re sick of your own appearance and inability to develop any kind of muscle, I also had ‘light bulb moment’ when I found myself down a YouTube rabbit hole one day…

I was watching some fitness videos when I came across a video made by a young bodybuilder, not much older than me, by the name of ‘Zyzz’.

He was EVERYTHING I wanted to be...

He had it all...



The complete opposite to how I felt at that point.

Girls wanted him, guys wanted to be him...

But the one thing that really grabbed my attention?

Zyzz started off just as skinny as me!

He was my new hero!

I instantly had an admiration for this new hero in my life, because he gave belief to guys like myself that with hard work and dedication, it was possible to go from being a depressed ‘skinny guy’ to a confident chiseled god.

Finally some hope.

As I said, Zyzz had been through exactly what I experienced in my life at that point:

After seeing him, and how he’d progressed from a situation very similar to mine, I realized there was hope for me to build some muscle and get the kind of physique I dreamed of.

Naturally, things weren’t as easy as I expected them to be...

It pains me to say it... I actually spent years making mistakes

And seeing very little improvement, trying all the solutions in the fitness market at the time.

Spending every cent I had (and some that I didn’t) on different ways of bulking, all promising the earth – only to realize years later that they were missing one key element.

None of these products were designed for the ‘skinny guy’ or my body type!

I can’t begin to tell you how disappointed I was when it finally dawned on me where I had been going wrong.

All those hours spent in the gym getting nowhere… The research that went in to preparing strict meal plans around what I thought were the right foods… Money that would have been better spent had I just thrown it down the sidewalk…

Because after wasting years and years working towards what Zyzz made me believe possible – I still couldn’t lose my skinny frame and pot belly.

“I’ll be honest, I thought I was
doomed to be skinny forever.”

It was crazy...

I had this belief that my body just wasn’t meant to build muscle.

I got so angry that other guys seemed to be building muscle 10x as fast as me..They were working half as hard and getting twice the results I was getting…

I even remember getting angry at my parents for giving me these ‘crappy genetics’.

I realize how crazy that was looking back now, but at the time I truly believed that I held this disadvantage from the day their DNA came together.

One day, all those thoughts changed.

I was motivated

Just like the time I stumbled across Zyzz all those years ago, it was almost as if someone had lit a burning fire within me once again.

There was a very good reason why none of the products I’d bought, diets I’d followed, or advice I’d taken had little-to-no-impact on my physique…

And once I realized this, EVERYTHING began to make sense!

Those bodybuilding juicehead magazines have lied to you all these years about what it means to put on muscle.

It Seems so Simple...

You read the magazines to see their workouts, but every workout is completely different…

Oh, Kai Green benched 100 sets per week?

Maybe I should too.

Phil Heath trained each body part 6 times across 7 days? 

Hmm. kinda makes sense, I suppose?

Ronnie Coleman trained 36 hours per week?

I guess you only get out what you put in!

That's pretty much how my thought process went...

It's just plain confusing... but it’s not your fault!

I mean, you look to these guys for inspiration or to at least get an idea of what their routine consists of to get them to the shape they’re in, but as usual, the mass media doesn’t give us the full story..

Because if they did then they wouldn’t sell as many copies, right?

They’ll gloss over the fact that performance enhancing drugs may have played a part too..

..or conveniently overlook the fact that some people are just plain genetic freaks!

The media loves to sell the idea that we all can be like Hollywood superstars or professional bodybuilders by simply following their workout and nutrition regimes for a couple weeks…

it makes for a believable story that your average gym goer will naturally aim for.

A big issue...

…the real problems stem from the fact these magazines and websites don’t consider the role your genetics play, or how hard it is to gain weight as a skinny guy who doesn’t use drugs.

If you’re not using performance enhancing drugs to achieve your body goals, then there’s no way you should be training like someone who is using them…

While it is possible for some people to magically build muscle by following programs designed for pro bodybuilders and genetic freaks, it’s more complicated than that for the naturally skinny guy.

The real secret is knowing what methods scrawny guys like you and me — who aren’t on drugs — are using to transform themselves from a lanky door frame to an ultra-ripped fitness model.

It’s Not Your Fault You’re Skinny

If You’ve Tried To Build a Great Body And Failed Before,
You Might Just Have Been Missing One Key Element

It’s a shame that the fitness industry hasn’t fully understood the Skinny Guy yet...

They supply cookie cutter plans built for guys who already have tons of muscle, that basically just allow them to build on what they already have- but what if those foundations aren’t already there…?

Look, I know you’ve been disappointed with all the other programs you’ve tried before today, and it’s likely that you just can’t take any more false promises, but if there’s just one thing I want you to take from this message today, then let it be the fact that…

It's not Your Fault...

Those Programs just weren't designed for guys like you and me!

The Biggest Problem on the web...

For too long now, traditional bodybuilding websites have supplied us with outrageous macronutrient ratios, that have made gaining weight almost IMPOSSIBLE.

Here’s just a few reasons why the conventional nutritional plans just don’t cater for skinny guys...

They’re designed around having way too many calories and to put on huge amounts of fat.
They don’t consider your real energy expenditure.
They use a macronutrient ratio built for mesomorphs and endomorphs with raging amounts of protein that will cause stomach upset for any skinny guy who uses it.
They neglect the importance of carbs and fats, along with how to utilize them to get effective results.
They usually come with a massive grocery list that screams the word UN-BUDGET-FRIENDLY.
They have limited options for food choices and contain unrealistic meals.

This is all wrong!

It’s not easy to develop muscle when you’re not naturally bulky…
It’s even harder when conventional fitness advice on the Internet seems to come from a genetically gifted mass monster, with no idea what it’s like to build muscle as a skinny guy.

No wonder people like you and me are struggling to gain weight and build muscle!

… The real secret is having a nutrition plan that is made exactly for your body type. These methods don’t exist in conventional fitness magazines and websites, but are the exact methods that can help you develop the body you want.



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Now, It's time for you to make an important decision


The Choice is Yours...

You can either take everything I’ve said with a pinch of salt and assume I’m just another guy trying to make a quick buck out of you, then quickly click away from this page and get on with your life.. 

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